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Digital Galaxy offers you a complete solution for online digital publishing.

What is a Cyber Book ‘cBook’


Cyber Book is an Electronic book which can be read in electronic environment such as mobile phone, tablet, computer and additionally it has interactive futures such as flipping page effect, video, music, audio, image gallery, active links.

What is the Procedure of Digital Publishing


After contacting with our company, we determine our course according to your project.

Once you upload the books, brochures, catalogs, magazines, documents, photos, videos and audio files, we bring them together and create your Cyber Book.

Digital Galaxy offers you a complete solution for online digital publishing.



1- Fill in the Application Form, upload PDF of your document at the same time.

2- We will convert your document to demo Cyber Book.

3- We will contact with you and make correction and add interactive properties.

4- After your approval, agreement and payment according to your plan.

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Advantages of Digital Publishing

➢ Cost: When compared to printed publications, costs are very convenient.

➢ Fast Delivery: After publishing Cyber Book, you can instantly reach your readers all over the world.

➢ Readability from all electronic devices: Including Iphone and Mac, Read from computer, mobile phone and tablet.

➢ Superior Book Control: You can browse through the links related to the book and go directly to the related page with the word search.

➢ Comfort of Vision: You can enlarge articles, videos, pictures, and make full page

➢ Print Feature: You can put printable content if you want, the reader can print. Such as Coupon, ticket

➢ Always new Edition: You can update your cBook at any time. When you update your cBook, everybody will read new edition including people previously bought the password.

➢ The variety of formats: The Cyber Book can be in various formats. HTML5, .zip or .exe can be output as.

➢ It can be read from the Internet, sent the link by email, whatsapp, messenger etc 

➢ Protected: You can set a password for online reading starting from any page. 

➢ EU publication: We can assign ISBN and ISSN numbers for your new publications from European Union.

➢ It is interactive: a. Active links b. Videos - Audio files- YouTube -Vimeo c. Pop-up photos, slideshows, videos d. Text message boxes, scrolling text e. Quiz

What is the Price of Cyber Publications

The Digital Marketing Strategy will be decided according to the type and the target audience of the publication. If you want to sell digital publications, we can put them on sale through our online sales site.

We have two model of Pricing 
1-Win- Win : If you sell your Cyber Publication from our website , you will not pay anything. We will convert and host your book free of charge. We will pay you as much as your book sold monthly intervals. Loyalty fee is %50 of book price. Paypal or Bank wire commissions may be deducted. This plan for publishers and authors.
2-Advertising & Promotion: If your publication promotional such as brochure, catalog you will pay yearly according to the suitable plan for you. We have an amazing Affiliate Program for Advertising Agencies.

What is Embed Code

Copy the code then paste it on your website in a html supporting medium, like the source file of your website, or in an embed box.

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