What is Cyber ​​Publication (cPub)?

It is an electronic book that can be read electronically, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and gives the feeling of reading a paper book with the effect of turning pages, but also contains many interactive features such as video, music, sound recording, image gallery, active links.

Digital Galaxy offers you a complete solution for online digital publishing. PDF, word, power point books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, annuals, albums, newsletter works; we can convert it to digital publications.


We can make video-rich interactive by adding video, audio, image effects, surveys, quizzes, youtube and vimeo videos.

Reach a wider audience with our digital publishing platform. Digital Galaxy turns your PDF into an interactive Cyber ​​Book with a smooth page-turning effect, comfortable in-document navigation and customize-able design. All of these features are supported by HTML5, which means that your document works in any browser without the need for any special imaging software.

What is the advantages of cPUB ?

Cost: When compared to printed publication, costs are very convenient.

➢ Fast Delivery: After publishing cPUB, you can instantly reach your readers all over the world.

➢ Readability from all electronic devices: Including Iphone and Mac, Read from computer, mobile phone and tablet.

➢ Superior Book Control: You can browse through the links related to the book and go directly to the related page with the word search.

➢ Comfort of Vision: You can enlarge articles, videos, pictures, and make full page

➢ Print Feature: You can put printable content if you want, the reader can print. Such as Coupon, ticket

➢ Always new Edition: You can update your cPUB at any time. When you update your cPUB, everybody will read new edition including people previously bought the password.

➢ The variety of formats: The cPUB can be in various formats. HTML5, .zip or .exe can be output as.

➢ It can be read from the Internet, sent the link by email, whatsapp, messenger etc 

➢ Protected: You can set a password for online reading starting from any page. 

➢ It is interactive: Active links, Videos - Audio files- YouTube -Vimeo Links, pop photos, slideshows, videos, Text message boxes, scrolling text  etc


Publishing Steps:

1- Application: Fill in the form and upload your catalog as PDF. You can upload a catalog up to 20 MB. If there is another catalog, fill out the form again and resubmit it. If your PDF document is more than 20MB, mention it in the comments box. Digital Representative will contact and assist you.

2- Publishing: We will convert your catalog to Cyber publication and publish it on the internet in basic package form.

3- Review: You should review your published Cyber Catalog and report any corrections you wish to make.


4- Adding Interactive Features: İf you want interactive Catalog, we will add videos, shopping links etc.


5- Payment: After One week Free Trying you have to pay the annual  fee of your Cyber Catalog.


Publishing Steps:

1- Application: Fill the form and upload your book as a PDF. You can upload catalogs up to 20 MB. If there is another catalog, complete the form again and resubmit. If your PDF document is larger than 20 MB, write it in the comments box. The Digital Representative will contact you and assist you.

2- Review: We will send your Private Library username and password by email to review your published Cyber ​​Catalog. You should review your book and report any corrections you want to make.

3- Agreement: In order to put your publication on sale, we will ask you to prove that you are the copyright owner of the Book and authorize our company for sale.

* If the Books to be sold from our site are sent ready as PDF, they are converted and published for Free of Charge


** If you need services such as Moderator and Graphic Designer, you should get a price quote for them.

*** ISBN is not compulsory for Broadcasting from our site.

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