LIONFISH INVASION - by Prof.Dr.Fatih Hüseyinoğlu & Prof.Dr. Bayram Öztürk



Edited by
Associate Professor M. Fatih HÜSEYİNOĞLU and

Professor Bayram ÖZTÜRK


Lionfish is a common name for several species from the teleost fish family of corpaenidae. It is a very attractive fish with wing-like patterns of beautiful fin structures; it is very hardy and tolerant to various water parameters and environmental conditions; and it is marvelously colorful, therefore it is one of the most popular aquarium fish among the hobbyists of the world. However, these mentioned properties have as well make this fish a very dangerous one: (i) Color and pattern scheme is a warning that it is highly venomous, to an extent that it can kill a human with a weak immune system; (ii) Its  hardiness and tolerance make ita very persistent species which can withstand various and even/ever changing conditions in different ecosystem types, announcing it as a real survivor; (iii) Having a high reproduction and feeding rate, it can sweep ecosystems easily
without the presence of a frequent natural predator or a successful scavenger which feeds on its eggs, larvae or juveniles.

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